Cuvée Chardonnay d'or

The Inspiration of the Blanc de Blancs

This single grape-variety cuvee, elegantly made with finesse from 100% Chardonnay grapes, has a magnificent straw yellow colour with a subtle
glint of green.

Its evolving bouquet, both engaging and delicate, is dominated by the aromas of fruits such as white peaches and mirabelle plums, and
punctuated with slightly lemony notes and subtle hints of honey and apple. Cool yet elegant, this Blanc de Blancs with its unique charm will seduce you with its pleasant aromas of fresh white fruits, its fullness and its very harmonious balance.

Chardonnay d’Or is a smooth, firm wine with a delicate bouquet that will charm your guests over an aperitif and pleasantly whet your appetite. A perfect accompaniment for white meat.



Cuvée Chardonnay d'or, Champagne Ruffin & Fils


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